'Rosetta' Malvasia di Castelnuovo don Bosco DOC
by Bava

Grapes: Malvasia 100%
Alcohol: 5%

Vineyard Details:

From vineyards in the townships of the most classic area, between Castelnuovo and Albugnano.


Picked in wicker basket that hold about 20Kgs each, the grapes are pressed softly in pneumatic presses. The must is then allowed to rest at low temperatures. Until  fermentation, after which it is bottled.

Tasting Notes:

Cherry-red color, fresh, fine and aromatic with hints of roses and dog roses. On the palate, sweet, balanced and pleasantly effervescent, a hint of tannin balances the taste. A pleasant surprise for those not yet acquainted with it: so sweetly aromatic, with an intense scent of roses and mildly effervescent, it is an immediate hit.  It is at its peaks on festive occasions and with dessert, fruit cakes, pies and friandises.


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